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    Identify the correct way to initiate your Visa Application and procedure with "Can-Axis Immigration and Placement"

    Can-Axis always provides its clients with ethical and structured services as renowned immigration and visa consultant. Everyone knows that having a visa is a crucial requirement when traveling from country to country. Visa determines the ability to travel from within countries. The key point is the selection of the best and suitable company to get a visa application filed legally. With years of experience and specialized expertise with an exceptional standard of work ethics in the field of immigration and visa services, Can-Axis immigration has the ability and right infrastructure to provide best of services to its clients.

    Visa Categories

    Skilled Worker Visa

    Skilled Migration visa is the most popular form of permanent migration and is also known as Permanent Residence Visa. The PR visa allows foreigners to migrate from one country to another without having an employer sponsor. This visa is used to find skillful people that can be used in building the economy of a relevant country. 

    Citizenship by Investment

    Although the residence is provided to investors and wealthy people in most countries, only a few countries offer citizenship programs through investments that provide direct access to citizenship. Citizenship through an investment program allows applicants and their families to access new citizenship and passports quickly and easily, without interfering with their life.

    Business Immigration Visa

    The world is becoming a global village full of golden business opportunities nowadays. To help you to grab those opportunities we provide you with Business Immigration Visa to the developed economies like the US, Canada, Europe and Australia which offer you excellent opportunities.

    Student Visa

    The education sector is holding a major part to be successful in the world. Nowadays abroad education is not just a term, it is a bunch of new opportunities to build up the future carrier. But selecting and following a suitable educational path is a bit difficult because of the rapidly changing world.

    USA/Green Card

    The U.S. Employment-Based Program (Category) 5 provides a special immigrant visa category for investors around the world. This program begins with a visionary mobilization of the U.S. economy through new job creation and investment by foreign investors.

    Family Visa

    With us, family immigration is no longer a problem. We offer you an easy and trusted family visa service. Family Visa gives you the ability to live and move from country to country with all of your family members. The presence of one or more members in a country also allows the rest of the family to immigrate to that country. 

    Visitor Visa

    Travelling abroad has always been interesting for most people especially travellers and it is one of their big dreams. If you are also planning to travel around the world, the first thing you need is a Visitor Visa or Temporary Resident Permit. But remember that, not every global solution provider gives you the easy way and guidance to travel abroad.

    Work Permit

    Applicants should have the right to work with a base of origin/citizenship or having a partner in that country. He/she should keep the work permit or visa that allows him/her to work from the employer Should obtain a temporary or permanent work visa that allows the applicant to work. (it is based on the applicant’s skills, abilities and experience.)

    Judicial Review Appeal

    If your case has recently been rejected on unconvincing grounds, if you face long delays or you are rejected because of medical/criminal inadmissibility reasons, most of the countries provide you with the chance for an appeal with the Immigration Review Tribunals or in their Court of Law.

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